FROM CITY TO COUNTRY, COAST TO CATTLE STATION, Anglicare Southern Queensland stands proudly by the side of Queenslanders who want to grow old in their own homes. Anglicare Southern Queensland offers a range of services designed to help older Queenslanders live independently, including meal preparation, nursing, home maintenance and modifications, and social support.

With more than 31,800 clients, the COVID-19 pandemic required a higher level of leadership and services than previously to ensure clients remained connected, healthy and happy. “We developed and implemented programmes such as Digital Savvy to enable clients to connect with friends, families and support services online, reducing clients’ social isolation and concern for families,” said Sue Cooke, Interim Executive Director. “And the feedback we received tells us we are getting it right.”

Anglicare’s Client Voices survey – which enables staff to respond directly to client needs with action plans – also shows that Anglicare is making the right moves. When clients were asked to rate their services, Anglicare proudly achieved 95%-100% satisfaction in the categories: maintaining independence; respecting privacy; respecting client homes and belongings; improving client health; and helping them live the life they choose.

Anglicare recognises each person in its care is an individual, with their own unique story and diverse needs. Therefore, an individual care plan is established for each client at home with their Client Liaison Officer, who listens and assesses to create the right care plan from the outset, then regularly checks in and adjusts it, in consultation with the client and their families, when needs arise. Anglicare also includes nursing in the care management for Home Care Package clients with high care needs, as chronic condition and health management is central to maintaining independent living.