AUSSIE BROADBAND HAS A REPUTATION for providing highquality internet and sensible customer service. It is in the business to change the telco game in Australia, and make the internet faster and more reliable for all Australians.

Customers are at the centre of Aussie Broadband’s business model, and its customer service strategy is simple: make things as easy as possible for the customer. One of the ways it does this is by providing an Australian-based customer service team. “We are proud to base our team entirely in Australia, so our customers always speak to a local,” says Managing Director Phillip Britt.

Another way Aussie Broadband provides customers with a great experience is through its innovative, customer-facing tools. Its awardwinning MyAussie app equips customers with easy-to-use technology that allows them – at the touch of a button – to access services whenever they need.

The company also puts a strong focus on staff’s wellbeing and development, as it strongly believes if you treat your staff right, they in turn will do the right thing by the customer. Aussie Broadband’s values – think big, be awesome, have fun, no bullsh*t, and be good to people – live within the business. “We empower our staff to use them every day when interacting with our customers,” says Mr Britt.

Its strategy also places emphasis on building better communities. “From this we have a community impact programme that works with groups to make a difference at both a local and national level.

“As a result, Aussie Broadband is focused on building a company that is better for our customers, better for our people and better for our community,” says Mr Britt.