Australian Unity

A PROMISE IS EASY TO MAKE But to turn a promise into reality,a lot of things have to happen. Australian Unity’s ‘Better Together®’ model focuses on connecting with individuals,understanding their goals and ambitions in later life, and personalising its services to help ‘make things possible’. It’s a blueprint for making the small things that matter take place, such as having a consistent team supporting your wellbeing, and enjoying meals cooked fresh in household kitchens.

Established in 1840, Australian Unity is a member-owned wellbeing company delivering health, wealth and living services. From their early days, they’ve been there to help people thrive and be strong advocates in the community for positive change and the wellbeing of Australians.

Being a member-owned company – also called a mutual – means they’re owned bytheir members, not shareholders. This gives them the freedom to invest money back into the services and solutions that matter most to their members, customers and the Australian community. Since opening its first retirement village 55 years ago, Australian Unity has expanded its footprint and now offers a range of services, including seven aged care and 21 retirement communities throughout Victoria and NSW.

Supporting people to navigate this new chapter in their lives is an essential part of what Australian Unity does, together with understanding its customer profile to ensure services and accommodation options are aligned to their goals, needs and expectations.