A WELL-ROUNDED TEAM is what elevates Budget car rentals to the next level in quality service. From customer support right across the Pacific, to contact centre teams and location staff, every member is provided with in-depth training to understand all aspects of the business. From product knowledge and marketing initiatives, to the wide variety of car makes and models in the Budget fleet, employees are kept up to date to effectively serve customers and ensure their experience is simple and hassle-free.

All businesses at times experience customers who are not satisfied. To keep on top of any negative experiences, Budget emails customers a rental survey straight after returning their car, and asks them to provide their feedback.

“Providing the survey straight after the rental allows customers to give instant opinions on their experience with Budget,” says Tom Mooney, Managing Director at Avis Budget Group. “If the score is low, a rental agent from their location will call the customer directly to ask how we might improve the experience for them next time.”

Providing customers with the survey in this way has given Budget a high net promoter score (NPS), a metric used in customer experience programmes. Other opinions customers are asked to provide include what vehicles they would like added to the fleet.

To get customers on the road faster, in 2020 Budget introduced the digital check-in. This feature lets customers enter the information online that would normally be asked at the check-in counter. Digital check-in also allows customers to collect their vehicle with minimal contact with rental staff – a practical add-on during the ongoing pandemic.