WHO DOESN’T WANT A SIMPLE streamlined process at tax time? H&R Block understands that tax time can be a stressful time for many, so the company does its utmost to ensure not only that its clients receive the maximum tax refund they are entitled to, but that completing their tax returns is as stress-free as possible.

To add value to the client experience, H&R Block implements new programmes every year, and stays in touch with clients even outside of tax season to make sure they are aware of any tax implications that may affect them, and keep them abreast of any new updates or changes.

As part of its ongoing initiative to build brand loyalty, H&R Block ensures staff exceed their service offering and expectations each year. Like most businesses, the pandemic impacted the way H&R Block usually conducts business. To get around the face-to-face restrictions, the company introduced telecommunications appointments this year, enabling clients to complete their tax returns with competent H&R Block consultants over the phone.

During the year, H&R Block holds monthly training sessions for staff on industry updates and any changes to tax laws. It also holds mandatory pre-tax season training for all staff and consultants to ensure they are well prepared to start serving customers and provide a top-notch service.

In 2022, H&R Block will continue to make improvements to its digital transformation, such as innovative tech solutions to recreate the in-store experience online.

H&R Block does its utmost to ensure clients receive the maximum tax refund in a stress-free manner