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WITH OVER 16 YEARS’ EXPERIENCE at providing apartment-style hotel accommodation to 1.5 millionplus customers per year, the success of Meriton Suites lies in their understanding that in such a competitive industry, it’s the level of service that provides the main point of difference and converts each customer into a loyal guest.

That is why each year their mission remains constant; to deliver higher levels of service excellence, create memorable moments and exceed every expectation to make brand ambassadors and guests for life.

Meriton Suites aims to provide genuine encounters at every service point; staff are chosen for their sound articulation, analytical and methodical skills and a genuine passion for hospitality. Monthly training workshops, seminars and webinars are all tailored to enhancing the customer experience and elevating the service delivery at Meriton Suites, with the learning experiences specific to the role and function of their staff.

Guests continually praise the hotel staff and the high levels of service delivery they receive while staying at Meriton Suites. This feedback fuels the team’s passion to continually improve and exceed every guest’s expectations. Every touchpoint is a valuable opportunity to convert a guest into a lifelong brand ambassador. Due to popular demand from high frequency return guests, Meriton Suites has launched a brand-new Eminence Club. Eminence is a member-only rate club that allows enrolled members to gain exceptional discounts off their future stays when they book direct through the Meriton Suites website.