CUSTOMERS ARE AT THE CORE OF the Naked Wines business, which offers access to exclusive top-quality wines by Australia and New Zealand’s best independent winemakers. To ensure they get things right from the start, individual agents in its call centre (better known as the ‘Customer Happiness Team’) are only recruited if they have service deeply rooted within their values.

Ongoing training and development in active listening, empathy and diffusing situations is provided to everyone in the Customer Happiness Team, while their key performance indicator (KPI) is to receive a five-star rating from customers.

Naked Wines internal CRM (customer relationship management) software is used to capture data and auto-prompt feedback from customers once a Customer Happiness representative has interacted with them. This gives the wine business the opportunity to follow up on any low feedback received. Following up allows Naked Wines to rectify any situations and ensure it is able to maintain its strong customer service – with the end goal that customers feel satisfied, or better than satisfied, at the end of the interaction.

To this end, representatives are provided with a budget to use at their discretion to surprise and delight customers. As an online business, Naked Wines was in a fortunate position during the COVID-19 pandemic, but that doesn’t mean it didn’t face any challenges. In fact, it is still facing challenges around choked delivery networks, as is much of the retail industry. “We have navigated these challenges by being on the front foot in communications, by being transparent with customers, and going above and beyond when things go wrong,” said Alicia Kennedy, MD Naked Wines Australia.