Princess Cruises

ATHE MULTI-AWARD-WINNING CUSTOMER SERVICE TEAM from Princess Cruises® delivers the highest levels of service at sea and on land, and has stayed true to its commitment throughout the challenges faced by the travel and tourism sector. Princess places great importance on caring for guests, whom they consider part of the wider Princess family. That includes sharing experiences, both at sea and shore side, as the cruise line aims to deliver a memorable cruise holiday for its guests.

The Princess Customer Service Team adapted to a new way of working during the worldwide pause in cruising. Building on its existing solid ‘work from home’ platform, the team seamlessly adapted to an exclusively remote working model while maintaining its core objective of supporting the cruise line’s valued guests.

The Customer Service Team transitioned efficiently to empathetically managing and handling increased call volumes from guests whose travel plans were impacted by the pause in operations. The Princess Australia team invested in specific in-house training and ran regular briefings to ensure the team had the latest information to ensure guests could be very confident that their cruise cancellations or future cruise bookings were being managed well.

As Princess looks forward to the resumption of cruising in Australia, it continues to focus on its core values of sustainability, compliance, health and safety and delivering excellent customer service.