Real Insurance

SINCE 2005, REAL INSURANCE HAS STRIVED TO DELIVER A RANGE OF INNOVATIVE INSURANCE PRODUCTS that protect and enhance the lives and wellbeing of everyday Australians.

Real Pet Insurance is designed to help Australian dog and cat owners give their pets the care they deserve if they need veterinary treatment at some stage in their life. Real Pet Insurance offers a range of cover options, so you can select the cover that best suits the needs of your pets.

At the heart of Real Insurance is a strong customer-first culture and an aim of establishing lasting relationships. The Real Pet Insurance consultants make sure every interaction with a customer is honest, fair, transparent and respectful.

As an award-winning brand, the team at Real Insurance have strong beliefs of ongoing improvements to their customer service. They are always looking for ways to enhance their processes and procedures to ensure that it translates to each of their customers’ experience.

Finding consultants with likeminded personalities, who are passionate about customer service and model empathy is at the heart of their recruitment. They seek regular customer feedback to understand how they can better serve all Real Insurance customers.

Real Insurance is committed to its promise of offering innovative and trustworthy insurance cover, with caring, energetic and sincere customer service that exceeds expectations.

“At the heart of Real Insurance is a strong customer-first culture”