Real Insurance

IN 2005, REAL INSURANCE entered the Australian market with the core purpose of protecting and enhancing the quality of people’s lives. That promise has been held, with hundreds of thousands of Australians enjoying a range of innovative insurance products that offer real value for money with flexible cover options.

Placing the customer at the heart of everything they do, Real Insurance prides itself on delivering award-winning customer service. The Australian-based team is specialised in providing personal support that is tailored to suit their customers’ needs and lifestyles.

In 2020, Real Insurance aims to continue to provide support to its customer service teams with quality training and coaching to ensure they are delivering the best possible customer experience and assist them in forming lasting relationships with their customers.

Moving forward, Real Insurance continues to embed its customercentric culture by ensuring its measurements and metrics of success are directly aligned to delivery of positive customer outcomes.

Its 'Voice of the Customer' framework is growing across multiple channels with a dedicated customer experience team that responds to all customer sentiments, collates customer feedback and provides insights across the organisation in ways that will continue to improve customer satisfaction.

Real Insurance is committed to its promise of offering innovative and trustworthy insurance cover, with caring, energetic and sincere customer service that exceeds expectations.