Chemist Warehouse
Gold Winner: Chemists/Pharmacies

WITH HUNDREDS OF CHEMIST WAREHOUSE stores located across the country, including most regional centres, the iconic brand is not only Australia’s largest pharmacy retailer, but a market leader that values its people, the community and the environment around us.

Starting out in 1972 as a single pharmacy in Reservoir, Victoria, Chemist Warehouse has grown to become a global player. Now also operating in New Zealand, Ireland and China – and employing more than 20,000 people worldwide – Chemist Warehouse has incredible purchasing power, meaning the retailer is able to pass on significant savings to its many thousands of customers.

Providing a huge range of products, including prescriptions and medicines, vitamins, weight loss products, babycare, and beauty and skin care, staff at Chemist Warehouse are tasked with a huge job to serve customers with comprehensive product knowledge.

To enable the very best customer service, Chemist Warehouse employs extensive face-to-face training, which empowers the team with the tools, skills and detailed product knowledge to best guide and assist their valued customers.

In addition to its comprehensive training, Chemist Warehouse has an exclusive app – accessible only to its team – that provides highly engaging and interactive content designed to educate and motivate users. From informative modules to inspiring podcasts, Chemist Warehouse caters to all learning preferences, ensuring that staff are not just well-informed but also enthusiastic in their roles and about what they offer in-store.

The Chemist Warehouse Group also prides itself on the customer service provided by

its CRM (customer relationship management), email and telephony management systems, enabling fast, efficient and personalised service.

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