Gold Winner: Holiday Tour Operators

WHEN SOMEONE BOOKS OVER 50 TRIPS with the one holiday tour operator, the company knows they must be doing something right.

To learn more about why Kerryn has been such a loyal customer, Intrepid CEO James Thornton invited her to its headquarters in Melbourne. During a live Q&A session, Kerryn

explained that she kept returning to Intrepid for her holiday experiences because the company stood by its values and cared about its people – customers, staff and the local communities it visits.

Providing small group tours with a mission to create positive change through the joy of travel, Intrepid has been a leader in responsible travel for over 30 years, and offer more than 1000 tours in over 100 countries.

Intrepid showed its gratitude to Kerryn’s loyalty by gifting her a free trip to Antarctica – just one of the many destinations on its impressive itinerary.

In response to Kerryn’s candid feedback, next year Intrepid intends for its Customer Care team to get even closer to its customers. More in-destination Customer Care Supervisor roles will provide real-time support to holidaymakers on their adventure, while its global Customer Care team will upskill with an emphasis on listening, learning and acting on customer feedback to optimise the customer experience.

The three core pillars the team will focus on are: reactive to proactive care to increase engagement and get closer to the customers; reputation management to increase customer confidence in the brand; and the feedback loop, to act on customer feedback.


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