Specsavers Audiology
Gold Winner: Hearing Services

THE GOAL IS SIMPLE AT SPECSAVERS AUDIOLOGY:  to change customers’ lives for the better. How do the Audiology Professionals do this? By providing clients with accessible, affordable hearing care.

At Specsavers Audiology, the focus is on serving customers’ needs, providing excellent clinical care and offering a product range that gives great value for money.

By introducing a hearing screening as part of the pre-test journey for optometry, Specsavers is raising awareness of hearing health, which means Australians are gaining easy and convenient access to hearing care earlier.

“By identifying hearing loss sooner, we can dramatically increase the number of people that do something about it to help reduce isolation, stigma, and mental health problems associated with undetected hearing loss,” says Nick Taylor, Specsavers Chief Audiologist.

If someone is concerned about their hearing, a free* 15-minute hearing check conducted by an Audiology Professional can be booked.

Mr Taylor said this initial discussion helps unearth difficulties the customer is experiencing and check on the health of their ears.

Mr Taylor explained that if the customer would benefit from a full diagnostic assessment, which includes taking photos of the ear drum, pressure testing to detect any issues such as wax build up, as well as an audiogram, it can be booked in for $49, or subsidised for those eligible under the Australian Government Hearing Services Program#.

Specsavers continues to put the customer first by ensuring complete transparency of its great, everyday value on the range of latest high-tech hearing aids suitable for all types of hearing loss and designed and built by leading manufacturers.

“We encourage and enable our customers to be more informed,

to shop around and compare their options because it might just save them, or their loved ones, thousands of dollars.”


*If further testing is required, a fee may apply. # Conditions apply under the Australian Government Hearing Services Program.

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